Webhook response header location ASCII Characters and UTF

Hi! Im trying to use the n8n Webhook to redirect requests based on the data from a form thats implemented on my website. The problem is that the URL where is redirecting to can contain Charakters like “ÄÖÜ”. The Browser displays these not correct and the search does not work.

The code from the node “Respond to Webhook is below” there are some headers set.

The result can something like this:
“result”: “?_sfm_kategorie=Küchenchef&_sfm_geolocation_country_long=Deutschland”

how the Browser displays:

Hey @Benedikt_Bohm, I think you’d need to encode umlauts for this to work, for example using the JS encodeURIComponent() method.

For example like so:

This worked well when I tested this. Query parameters without encoding:


Query parameters with encoding:


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Worked thank you!!

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