Webhook routing/startup speed

I managed to get an instance of n8n running on the akash network!
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I discovered that the workflow runs very quickly once it starts!

However, there is a 4 sec delay between “Started execution of workflow” and “Initializing n8n sub-process” Is there anything I can do on the workflow design or server setup that can avoid this long “internal routing” delay?

2021-06-21T06:31:16.518Z | verbose  | Started execution of workflow "My workflow" from webhook with execution ID 3 
2021-06-21T06:31:20.394Z | verbose  | Initializing n8n sub-process 
2021-06-21T06:31:20.582Z | verbose  | Workflow execution started 
2021-06-21T06:31:21.342Z | verbose  | Workflow execution finished successfully 

Normally it takes like 1 second, so I guess the underlying system is slow. Like slow HD or to less CPU.

But even 1 second is slow. If you need a fast response, you should set the mode to main:

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just found that and came here to update the thread ; )

surprisingly it is faster on gitpod than akash