Webhook to HTTP request

I’m trying to get the most simple workflow to work but I am unable to.

I setup a webhook to HTTP request and I want to relay the data received by the webhook into the HTTP request. But the target body is always empty.

How do I send the data?

In requestbin:


What am I missing here?

Apparently I can only post one image per post…


Welcome to the community @Zyles!

You can send multiple files with multipart-form-data. Here an example:

The webhook node will then receive these multiple files just fine.

I am sending a body of:

{ sku: 123 }

To the webhook. And I want to pass this on to the HTTP request.

Not multipart files.

The webhook is receiving the request but the data is not passed on.

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Here an example workflow which mocks the data you have and then sends it to https://webhook.site/:

So it is not possible to pass data from a webhook to a HTTP request directly without an intermediary function?

Yes, it is. I posted an example you can execute. You simply remove the Function-Node and plug in the Webhook-Node instead.