Webhook Trigger Nodes Questions

Under the INodeTypeDescription,

What the setup part of the webhook property for?
webhooks: [ { name: 'setup', httpMethod: 'GET', responseMode: 'onReceived', path: 'webhook', }, { name: 'default', httpMethod: 'POST', responseMode: 'onReceived', path: 'webhook', }, ],

Hello @Francis_Menguito welcome to the community!

Some webhooks of some services behave quite strangely. They send are supposed to send data via POST but to confirm, that the provided URL is valid, they make a GET request (which is strange as it seems like they look up one “address” to confirm that another one which is actually totally unrelated exists?!?!). And to support that, two URLs have to be registered. The regular one, which later receives the data, and a second one (called “setup” but could also have any other name) to be able to confirm the existence of it.

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Got it! It makes a lot of sense now!

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You are welcome! Enjoy n8n!