Webhook URL keeps changing

Greetings! I am running n8n locally, GUI version, and been running it for probably half a year without any issues or the webhooks changing. But now all of a sudden it seems that on every restart, the webhook URLs change. I’ve read and it seems to be a persistance problem. But, why is this a problem now, and not before?

So it seems to have something to do with “N8N_TUNNEL_SUBDOMAIN”, but how do I exactly change this, and change to what? Any help appreciated!

That is normally a sign that a non-proper disconnect did happen from our tunnel service (please do not ask me what could have caused that exactly as I have no idea, could have been a crash, internet problems, …?). Because of that does the service still mean that you are connected and so blocks your subdomain. As the one that you request is blocked does it instead assign a random one. I did now restart the service which should have freed up your subdomain again. So if you restart, it should work again fine.

Thanks for the reply! Hmm alright. Does it matter if we turn off the computer without closing n8n first? This n8n instance is not running on my pc, but on my work’s PC. Would you need info on that instance to restart the service or…?

Yes, that could be a possible cause for that.

The tunnel service got already restarted. You have to restart n8n now that the correct subdomain does get used again.

Generally is it strongly recommended idea to self-host n8n on a server or use n8n.cloud for production use rather than depending on n8n Desktop.

Is it more robust than n8n Desktop to host Docker on your personal computer and run the server there?

Hey @bgschust,

n8n Desktop is great for testing but if you want something stable to keep running it would be best to look into one of the deployment options like using Digital Ocean if you feel you can manage it yourself or n8n cloud if you don’t want to worry about updating things and configuration.

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