WEBHOOK_URL on ubuntu

Hi all!

I just made a n8n installation on ubuntu 22.04. It is working fine.
Just on thing I would like to modify the webhook_url.

Currentlly, my n8n url are like : http://localhost:xxxx
I would like to change localhost by an IP address for exemple.

I already tried:
export webhook_url=192.168.x.x… with no success

Thanks a lot

Hey @herrT15,

Setting WEBHOOK_URL is what you would need to do but how you would do that would depend on how you have installed n8n, n8n would also need to be restarted after this change has been made. When you do set it though make sure you include the protocol as well (http://192.168.x.x).

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Thanks a lot for your reply.
I made something like

but even with some change the N8N webhook url is still like http://localhost

Do you have any idea? Thanks a lot!!

Hey @herrT15,

Did you try uppercase? I probably wouldn’t follow those steps as they look to be a bit out of date and have a potential issue that could cause a break. I tested setting a webhook last Thursday for another issue and it was working on Ubuntu so it would be handy to see the exact command you are running.

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