Webhook url

if you are afraid of that please just use the cloud :wink:

So I thought correctly that if I use ngro, webhooks will direct to my network?

please explain a little more about cloud and ngrok

ngrok creates a tunnel to your local network. This is simply so you do not need to open up your network and such.

Your pc still needs to be on for the webhooks to work.
So using cloud going to an instance that is simply always on would help with that last part also you do not need to create a tunnel if you are on cloud.(or self-hosted)

where can I create such a cloud?

in the sense of creating an account on n8n?

I would prefer to have applications at home, I do not want to switch to the paid version

then you need to figure it out for your application at home. setting a fixed adres for webhooks or use ngrok tunnel.

If I use the ngrok tunnel, will the webhook have my computer’s address?