Webhook urls with parameters generate unsystematically

Hey everyone,
i stumbled upon a the following problem:
When i set up a webhook containing an url parameter like /api/resource-xyz/:parameter

the webhook changes its path from the expected:
www.example.com/api/resource-xyz/:parameter (/api/ is set via .env as the webhook path)
to: www.example.com/api/UUID/resource-xyz/:parameter

why does the UUID get added in between the webhook base path and the path set in the respective field in the node? this only happens on webhooks with :parameters
It feels like a bug, but is it actually or does the added entropy have a specific purpose?


Hi @dnik, this is expected I am afraid. You might want to check out the discussion on the old feature request around this.

If you’d like to suggest changing this behaviour, perhaps you can open a new feature request, describing what you are looking for?

Thanks so much!

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