Webhook Usage from the front end

I was working with the webohooks,(It was an awesome discovery that I can present the results of a webhook to my frontend for example below

Is there a way I can replace the domain to be looked up by the https node ef http://localhost:5678/webhook-test/bed977bf-3a8d-4494-b33d-2d31e562eb31{{domain.com}} to send requests which can then be read by the https node https://networkcalc.com/api/dns/lookup/{hostname}

You have to add ? Between url and parameters
Next you can use domain variable in url.

@Imperol , absolutely. You would do it the similar fashion you did in “Respond to Webhook” by utilising an expression.

I assume your “Webhook” node returns the domain name in “query” parameter. In other words the key could be named domain, that is you send GET request to the webhook in the form http://localhost:5678/webhook/bed977bf-3a8d-4494-b33d-2d31e562eb31?domain=<SOME_DOMAIN>. Then you would use the expression {{$json.query.domain}} in the URL of “HTTP Request” node to query the domain <SOME_DOMAIN> as shown below.

Thank you @Kaol and @ihortom . These were quite helpful.

Tip. I figured out a way to use this to create subworkflows, especially for heavy projects. Add an HTTP node in the workflow to trigger with the webhook and return the data, which you can then use in the subsequent steps.

For example, scrap pages, then have a workflow with AN AI model to do sentiment analysis, then have one that can send the data to a blog, social media, etc.

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you can use execute workflow node, and in 2 workflow triger, when called by another worklfow.

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