Webhook with brackets

I’m receiving a webhook from ActiveCampaign but the JSON body is with brackets.

"[email protected]",

Is there a easy way to bypass this? This way the javascript doesn’t work.

Welcome to the community @Fabio_Santos1!

Did you check how it looks like in the JSON view? As I wonder if it is just a display issues.

Thanks @jan ! N8N is already an important tool for me.

Well… JSON looks just the same:





"user-agent":"GuzzleHttp/6.5.5 curl/7.88.1 PHP/7.4.33",














"contact[email]":"[email protected]",

"contact[first_name]":"Lili Madelaine",





"contact[tags]":"MQL > SF",


"contact[fields][origem]":"Portal SVN",

















Thanks, that is great to hear!

In that case, does n8n seems to do everything correctly. I then receives the data actually like that. Meaning you assume the data get sent like this:

  "body": {
    "contact": {
      "email": "test.com"

but apparently, does it get sent like this:

  "body": {
    "contact[email]": "test.com"

and that is why n8n displays it that way. You can also confirm again by sending the request to a page like: https://webhook.site/

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