Webhooks & SSL


Please can someone tell me if inorder to trigger a webhook I need a valid SSL certificate?

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You mean to trigger a workflow via a webhook node? Then “no”.

Hi Jan,

Ok thanks - the problem I am having is I am trying to trigger the webhook from wordpress. Wordpress is sending the data but the webhook is not collecting it. I have tried both ends in post and get but still not executing. Triggers from browser fine and I have tried both test and production webhook links again with no success. I am using this form plugin for wordpress: https://wpmanageninja.com/docs/fluent-form/integrations-available-in-wp-fluent-form/webhook-integration/ .What would you suggest please?

Is your n8n instance web accessible? So did you set it up with its own domain or is it still using http://localhost/...?

It is web accessible, hosted on vultr.

Are you attempting to connect to a webhook using HTTPS with a self-signed SSL certificate? If that is the case, it is possible that WordPress is expecting a valid certificate but is stopping when it sees a self-signed certificate.

I would suggest testing to see if you can configure it on HTTP first and then test with a certificate.

BTW: I would highly suggest that you get a proper SSL cert as they are free and better security than plain text.:worried: Here is the One-Click WordPress Install instruction for adding Let’s Encrypt on Vultr.

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Thanks a lot @Tephlon!

@paul2000 apart from what @Tephlon already said. Are you using a proper domain or an IP address? Is less likely to that this is the issue but also possible as some services do not allow that.

Jan, I am using just an IP not a domain name.

Thank you @Tephlon and @jan, I will give the ideas a go!

Hi @jan and @Tephlon, just to let you know the I registered under a valid certificate authority (lets encrypt) and used a domain name and the webhook worked!

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Really great to hear! Have fun!

Great job, @paul2000! Glad to be of assistance!