Webook doesn't receive data from WPForms

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I need to integrate data from WPForms to pipedrive. I configured the webhook address provided by the N8n, but the data does not arrive.

Information on your n8n setup

  • **n8n version:0.141.1
  • Main
  • N8N cloud system

Hi @JoseMorgado, welcome to the community!

It seems you are using a rather old version of n8n not hosted on n8n cloud but on workflow.portaldecompraspublicas.com.br. So I am not quite sure what the problem might be and won’t be able to inspect any logs from your instance from my side.

Some general things I’d try in this order are:

  1. A top suspect for failed POST requests is CORS, though WPForms might make server side requests rather than browser-requests (would still be worth checking though).
  2. Verify WPForms supports ports other than the standard ports 80/443 for HTTP/HTTPS traffic. Many services will reject other ports and your n8n instance appears to listen on port 5678.
  3. Verify what happened with the requests coming from WPForms. Do they have a webhook log? Does it contains any errors?
  4. Upgrade to the current version of n8n
  5. Check the n8n server logs for any errors

Thank you very much @MutedJam

We found the error and use another API tool to receive the data.

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