Weird glitching with node options

Just curious if anyone else gets random ‘glitches’ when dealing with node options.

It mainly happens when pasting in values and then going to another option text box in the node options. The previous option box wants focus and glitches out - the node options window has to be closed and opened again.

It’s doesn’t happen often enough to be super annoying but I’ve noticed it happening across multiple n8n versions and now i’m on a fresh OS install it happened again - thinking its something with n8n and not my end

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@wgicio I have not experienced that, sorry to hear that’s occuring. Can you let me know which browser and OS (incl. versions) you’re using? Also which version of n8n?

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I think I have had this happen aswell. Sounds about the same as my experience.
I am still trying to find a way to reproduce it so I can make a vid on it reporting the bug.

Had it happen on multiple online environments and on the desktop version.

Yeh its a hard one to capture as it doesn’t happen that often, but just enough to be an issue.
Do you have a touch screen?

I do not have a touch screen.
Have also had it happen on atleast 2 devices. Both laptops without a touchscreen. Both with a trackpad ( of course) though🤔

What do you mean by glitches out? Is it something like a really fast flashing and it constantly sending data to the field?

more fast flashing of the field (grabbing focus i think), cannot use any of the inputs and have to close it
I will pay more attention next time now i know its not only me and have a better think about what is actually happening

This is indeed what happens.
Usually when copy-pasting some kind of value in a field. It starts forcing the focus on that field. When trying to fill in another field you simply cannot. You see the value flickering, so as if focuses on that field in a loop of some kind. Adding input will result in this input going into that field that is being focussed on.

Have had it since I started playing around with n8n. And is always when copy-pasting something I think and always has to close the window and reopen it to fix it.
Had a client describing the same issue as well.

The good news is I have had that exact issue, It didn’t happen all the time so I just assumed it was something silly my keyboard or browser was doing. I remember mentioning it to @maxT once back when we were talking about another tricky to reproduce issue, I have been trying to reproduce this one on and off for a couple of months as it got really annoying.

Yes, same here. Have been trying since the start to find some kind of pattern to figure out how te reproduce. Too bad you haven’t had any luck yet either.

OK so for now lets just call it an Easter egg :slight_smile:

I have another random thing…
Sometimes on the workflow canvas gets into a weird state where everything in the UI gets selected. Not the good type of selected were the nodes border gets highlighted but more like this:

Pressing escape does not work and I’ve found the easiest solution is to press the round “add node” click button and then click back onto a blank part of the canvas. It’s easy to replicate something similar if you select and drag on the mouse from the menu on the left and over the canvas nodes. I’m not sure how its happening when not trying to force it, it just happens sometimes…
Has anyone had this happen?

Can’t say I have ever had this happen.

That is an issue that was bugging me and @maxT, I found a way to reproduce it and I think a fix might be in place or being worked on.


@wgicio have you experienced this highlighting issue yet on a version of n8n that has the Sticky Notes feature? Jw since that feature had a lot of highlighting/ selection interactions and so was hopefully squashed. But if not would be great to know as that is an annoying bug indeeed!

I never noticed the highlighting issue before 0.174.0 (I did skip 2 releases)
When / if it happens again I will see if I have a note on the canvas (amazing feature btw) and see if i can get debug info, will keep you posted.

PS, I will also keep an eye out for another issue where sometimes holding control and then clicking and dragging the canvas background stops working

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I’ve sorta got the weird glitching issue reproduced. (at least in this workflow)
Whenever I move to a different browser and select something there to copy-paste into a field in node properties, the glitching starts. The node properties window needs to be open while going to the different browser window to copy.
Not sure if this is always been the cause of it. But now I got it happening for each value I copy.

hmm, scratch that I wanted to create a screen capture and now it doesn’t happen anymore. :thinking: