What is th function of runExecutionData.executionData.waitingExecution?

export interface IRunExecutionData {
    startData?: {
        destinationNode?: string;
        runNodeFilter?: string[];
    resultData: {
        error?: ExecutionError;
        runData: IRunData;
        lastNodeExecuted?: string;
    executionData?: {
        contextData: IExecuteContextData;
        nodeExecutionStack: IExecuteData[];
        waitingExecution: IWaitingForExecution;  // what is the function?

Hey @king, I think that’s a question best answered by our developers, I’ll ask for help on this one internally :slight_smile:

@MutedJam thank you so much, your answer is very helpful to me

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// Keeps data while workflow gets executed and allows when provided to restart execution
export interface IWaitingForExecution {
	// Node name
	[key: string]: {
		// Run index
		[key: number]: ITaskDataConnections;

it is not a function but a type. We keep the data in there while the workflow is waiting to continue execution.

Names prefixed with an I are usually interfaces and represent a certain structure of the data.

Hope this helps!