What is the Access Token Slack node is asking for?

The Slack node is asking me for an Access Token to authenticate. This seems to be a legacy authentication mechanism and isn’t supported. In looking at Create and regenerate API tokens | Slack I don’t see any way to generate this token at all. The docs at Slack | Docs also don’t seem to lead anywhere.

Am I overlooking something? Do the docs need to be updated? Does the Slack node need to be updated to something new?

Hey @bberenberg!

Looks like the authentication for the Slack node has changed and the docs need to be updated. To help you with your query, if you’re building a bot, once you have given the bot the required permissions, Slack will generate Bot User OAuth Access Token. Use this token in n8n.
Similarly, you can generate the OAuth Access Token for the user.

Alternatively you can use the Client ID and Client Secret of your Slack App in n8n. To use that select ‘OAuth’ from the Authentication dropdown list.

Hope this helps.

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I figured this out, but holy @#$% the UI/UX and docs are a mess on this. I may have to write an update for this later on.

Yes, you are 100% right. We also realized that. For that reason is it already wip.

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