What is the best way to choose the data that contains the keyword?

I want to plan as simply as possible and I think what are the options to consider?
I am not good at prorgramming but I am learning more and more.

-I want to send data in json format on a regular basis and I understand that the most convenient way to do this is by using the built-in webhook ?

  • then i want the ison to find ( using fuction or maybe something else ? ) :
    a) value for the desired keyword
    b) Value in any of the json fields
  • then i want to check if:
    a) duplicate
    b) if there us no result want to check first 3 chars of my wanted key word
  • if there is a result in my table - mongo, json s3 or google sheet (btw what is better u think ?) i want to find wanted data and then trigger related information to my workflow (i.e send it back to my rest api)

Hey @etato,

Would you be able to post what you have created so far? Then we can start looking at specific items that you are struggling with.


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To be honest, I haven’t created anything in n8n yet. I have created just to try to rest api using lambda and gateway and a working rest for google sheet. I thought I can now connect it nicely with n8n

Hey @etato,

Frankly, it would be very difficult for the volunteers on this site to create customized n8n workflows for everyone on the site. The amount of work would be astronomical.

May I suggest that you give it a go with n8n and see what you come up with . I think you might be pleasantly surprised.

If you reach a roadblock or you aren’t sure where to go next, then please hop back on the forum and there are plenty of people who will be more than happy to assist.