What is the best workflow design for preloading data?

Hello everybody,

I am working on workflow with few steps of preload data.
For example, I build a Mass Mailing workflow. The first step is to load a json file with a correspond map between internal ID and mails and I d’ont have to iterate on this list. Than I load the list of IDs I have to target in my mass mailing. I iterate on this list.

There are many ways to do that.

For you, what is the best may to design the first step ?

Thank you

Hey @JulienDelRio,

What does your workflow currently look like? One of the things I would probably look at doing is using sub workflows but it all depends on the flow.


Sorry for the previous message… bad conversation.

Do you need the read code of the workflow or just a description ?

For the description, the steps :

  1. Run a script generating a json file with a map of id with corresponding files
  2. Open the json
  3. Move binary json to data resulting in an object. The good point is I generate a sort of map, not an array. The output is unique. But I would like to output an array in another idea
  4. I open a XLSX file
  5. I transform the data with the Spreadsheet file, resulting on a list of items
  6. I split in batch of 1 line
    A. I take the id in the line and recover the corresponding file name from the step 3.
    B. I read the corresponding file
    C. I send the file to an email from the spreadsheet data
    D. I return to the SplitInBatch to handle the next line

The result is ok, but I don’t think the workflow is smart or really good…

Is there a good practice ?


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