What is the maximum capacity of $getWorkflowStaticData(type) method?

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Quick question, your documentation says here: regarding $getWorkflowStaticData(type):

You can save data directly in the workflow. This data should be small.

What is the maximum capacity of this static data? And why is that the case? Couldn’t find anything obvious in the code to suggest what would limit it. I assume it’s more about RAM limitations?

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I don’t think there is a strict limit. But it will be saved with the workflow and would result in it slowing down if there is too much data there. Probably about the same as when create huge workflows.


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I suspected as much! Good to know though :slight_smile:

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I’m also facing issues with this. I’m trying to store a large JSON dictionary as static data in one node and then trying to access it in a later one, but it’s always empty. Almost like the static data were read-only.

It is only saved for production executions and not test ones.

Also, be aware that it gets saved after the execution is finished. So it will only be accessible for executions that started after the previous one is done.