What’s the moment you realised what you can do with n8n?

Assuming that a lot of you here receive tons of value with n8n, I am interested in understanding what was the moment that you really understood the value, the moment that it all clinched for you

Leaving this as an open question with no survey or any other prompts, any answer is acceptable and encouraged

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I nominate @jon to kick things off :slight_smile:

Thanks @Nivb_6 :smile:

For me it was after a server crash and I was rebuilding it and moving over a bunch of python scripts and of course things changed and Python 3 was the way forward so I had to update a lot of the scripts to work with the changes.

I decided to give n8n a bash after toying around with it for a few ideas and it took about 10 minutes to take one of the scripts and make a workflow that did the same thing, That workflow can be found here: https://n8n.io/workflows/1265

After moving that one I then moved almost all of them over fairly quickly and at the same managed to introduce new toys for the team in Slack that would have taken a lot longer to create in Python or Go. Since leaving that job and starting here at n8n I have only had one question about the old workflows and as far as I know everything is still running away and they have made a few tweaks to what I left them with.

I am a big fan of quickly throwing a script together to solve a problem but I have found that n8n is normally a lot quicker and can allow non-programmers to understand and make changes easily.

I guess I need to do some nominating, Normally I would poke @MutedJam but I really want to know what @dickhoning to say on this one :smile:


For now, I’m going to cut to the chase, and skip where I’m coming from and how I met n8n.

What for me decided that n8n is a pearl in the making, is it’s extremely pro-active community in which members of the n8n participate themselves. It’s like a warm bath … if that’s what you fancy. This means that there is nearly always a solution to a problem or new challenge. And that for me is the main reason I’m adding value to my customers, which is helping them to solve their problems, come up with new ideas to further improve and become the best in their field … just my 2 cents :sunglasses:


For me it was when I was able to automate a process that normally would take us 40 minutes per client per week, to having the client do all the work through a site frontend. Blew my mind that something so time consuming could be dealt with so quickly.


That’s amazing @djangelic! I have also experienced the same feeling, but unfortunately for me, it’s was in hind-sight, saying to myself - “wow I could’ve automated this easily in my previous job”

I’m curious, what was the moment during that process that you realize that it is possible? specific node integration that made it really easy? one of the core nodes that made the workflow stick together (Set, HTTPRequest, function, etc…) or anything else that you can think of?

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For me it was the HTTP request node. I got stuck because I needed a specific Jira node that did not exist. When I realized I could simply go to Jira’s website and read their documentation and learn how to manually craft the request, I realized how many limitations in other websites this alleviated.

If a website had a good UI but bad automation and well documented API, then I can simply connect n8n to the site and give that site super powers. Realizing that I could do that with websites that n8n didn’t even officially support blew my mind.

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