What to do when a Node gets stuck?

I am running an HTTP Get Request on a URL but it doesnt seem to want to process. It just keeps spinning. I dont necessarily NEED the data from this request, but it would be helpful to have for later on.
The thing is that it doesnt always do this. Only on some URLs that I try to put in the HTTP Request, so I am curious if there is a way to pre-check the URLs to see if they would hold things up (automation has been going for 25min now on that node… tried it twice) OR perhaps a way to set a timer on the HTTP Request so that if it exceeds X seconds or minutes then it forces the automation to continue with a blank result?

Hey @Stiehla,

Nodes shouldn’t get stuck that is a bit odd, Under the options for the HTTP Request node there is a timeout option which might help it stop quicker. Does the URL you are using always cause the http request node to wait for a long time?

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