What would be the best practice/method to monitor 50+ RSS feeds?

Hi @myWebmaster, I actually ended up writing a community node for my feed reader: Miniflux node for n8n

This lets me query the Miniflux API for unread posts and marks the posts I have processed as read. A very simple workflow could look like so:

I’ll also post the workflow JSON below for reference, but the forum won’t be able to preview the Miniflux community node of course (as it only knows about standard nodes):

It’s mostly self-explanatory though. The first Miniflux node fetches unread posts from all feeds like so:

The second one marks them as read so they won’t be fetched again on the next run:

That said, it’s been a while since I’ve written this and it might not support all quality of life features newer or official n8n nodes might come with. Still gets the job done for me though :slight_smile: