What would you like to read on the n8n blog?

Hey everyone! We’re planning new content for the blog and we’re curious to know what you would like to read and learn about n8n! :thinking:

  • Are there any topics or industries related to automation that you’re particularly interested in (e.g. chatbots, databases, marketing, freelance, small business)?
  • What type of content do you like best (tutorials, automation ideas, guest posts, interviews with n8n users, insights into our events and team)?
  • Do you have a specific idea or project that you’d like to see covered?

Hi Lorena,

some things I am interested in:

  • Tips 'n Tricks, Best Practices and Tutorials
  • Use Cases: How do others use n8n
  • Definitely insights to the n8n team, work, new releases and roadmap

Thank you!


Thank you, @BenW! This helps us prioritize the content. We do have some posts about our team coming up :slight_smile: