Whatsapp Cloud api update catalog in whatsapp manager support node

Hi fellow great community of n8n,

Since a few new release of N8n just supported Whatsapp api cloud as native but missing catalog message type which is ‘interactive’, to send the catalog information

My use case:

need to send the catalog from whatsapp manager user this product via WhatsApp cloud API, it is just supported since august

Any resources to support this?

Are you willing to work on this?

i am a newbie and doesn’t have much experience in coding and it is better for experienced one to handle this since it has become a native node , but i can contribute as high intense user for tester and feedback.

Don’t forget to upvote this request. The more votes this Feature Request gets, the higher the priority.

Thanks n8n community

Voted ,please add this too, thanks :pray:

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Interesting features, I just know about this , thanks for the shares, hope this will get implemented soon too

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