Where is the file downloaded Using Google Drive node stored

I’m trying out uploading Zoom recording stored in Google Drive to Youtube.
For this I used Google Sheets, Drive and Youtube nodes.
The Sheet contains the Id of the file in Drive.
Using this ID I used the Download operation in Drive node to get the binary file.
Where is the file downloaded using Drive node in n8n stored?

The file it’s stored in memory. When you download a file, the file is store in the property you set in the parameter Binary Property. By default, the name of this property is data, but you can put whatever name you want there. If you want to reference this file (store in data) in the Youtube node, you must set the parameter BInary Property to data.


So the file is stored in Binary Property temporarily in n8n cloud or in my Google Drive?

The file it’s always persisted in Google Drive, when you download it, it’s store temporarily in memory, so you can use it within the workflow. That does not change no matter where you are running n8n.


Thank you for clarifying my doubt :+1:

Of course. Let us know if you have further questions.

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