Hi there, I am seeing a slow response on webhook, i did quick search and I found by adding it to the environment file it will speed up the process.

The link for documentation below gives 404, it would be better if you setup some sort of redirect though.

so, where to put exactly this line of code


inside the .env file ? like the picture below ?

well, i did it and restarted the docker and still the response slow. I have even upgraded my server to 80 GB and 4 processer.

You would normally add it to your environment variables, Are you using the docker run command or compose?

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I am using the same method of installation from this video. I hope the correct answer is compose.

Thank you for the help. BTW, i am really not sure where exactly to place the code and also where to find environment variables

Agree, do not know why never a redirect got created, that should always happen. The documentation can now be found here.

Just adding it to the .env file will not be enough. You also have to change your docker-compose file accordingly under the environment part of n8n (add - EXECUTIONS_PROCESS`). Best to check out the Server Setup Guide and look how it looks like for other environment variables.

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Thank you for your reply.

So, I checked the page you referred to here

I noticed its called now


so, is my method correct here in the images below, will that fix the issue or should I do something else ?




If you remove the export before EXECUTIONS_PROCESS=main in the .env it should work fine.

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Thank you so much Jan. from 1.5 s to 0.2s. Amazing.

So, if i have multiple workflows, it will not be affected in any way, right ?

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That is sadly impossible to answer. Depends on the workflows. Now everything will run in the same process. So if you run a workflow that would block the Node.js event loop, no other workflow would run anymore. Normally that should however not happen.

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