Which extension format I use when I want to create google docs

Hi, in google drive node I could create .pdf
Which extension (.doc, .docx) do I use when I want to create google docs file (able to edit)

Please note than .doc format is referred to as the 2003 Microsoft Word Document where .docx is the 2007 Microsoft Word Document.

Google Docs can edit both.

Hi @cmdntd987,

I have that doubt too. Google Sheets is only able to modify existing GoogleSheets documents.

Probably, what you can go ahead following next steps:

  1. Create an empty GoogleSheets template (outside n8n).

After that, you can create a n8n workflow that:

  1. Copies existing GoogleSheets template to another GoogleSheets file with GoogleDrive node.
  2. Copy contents from your original source to new file with GoogleSheets node (by append method for instance).

Hope this helps.

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Now, “Google drive node” does not have copy file option yet. I’m waiting next version

I see the option (0.82)

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I’m in version 0.83.0

Method is available in MASTER

So, scroll up the methods selector and you will find the Copy method :wink:

Try to upgrade to version 0.84.4 (newest now)
I see option “copy” has existed

Oh! :frowning: @jan have you any update about this?

Do not understand. The option “copy” is also in [email protected]

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Check it again please.
I think you are not scrolling up the methods selector :wink:

Copy is the first option in File.

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I have just upgraded it
Now I could see this option

Could n8n notify about new version to upgrade at screen? I usually check by docker for upgrade

Glad that you found the option!

Yes that would theoretically be possible. You can create a feature-request for it. We can then implement it depending on community interest.