Why can't a full workflow be run automatically?

Right now when I construct a workflow and press “Execute Workflow”, the deactivated Start node gets run, and the actual workflow I want to run is not run (first pic). I had to run the Spreadsheet file node specifically in order to get the 3 node workflow to run (second pic). How do I run the whole workflow at once? Without selecting the last node in the workflow, because that seems to do a partial workflow run.

You should simply connect the Start-Node. Is there a reason why you do not want to do that?

Hi Jan, thanks for the response. What if I want to just start with a trigger node, like Cron? It seems like start can’t connect to cron.

Yes, Trigger-Nodes do not have inputs as they “emit” the data with the workflow starts to run. Both the Interval and Start-Node simply emit an empty object “{}” so it does not matter which node triggers the workflow to start.

So you would simply connect the Start-Node parallel to the Interval-Node. Or in other words, just plug the Start Node also into the Airtable-Node. It will then work as expected.