Why can't the running status be seen on the process canvas in the execution record?

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Why can’t the running status be seen on the process canvas in the execution record?

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  • **n8n version: 1.44.1
  • Database (default: SQLite):
  • n8n EXECUTIONS_PROCESS setting (default: own, main):
  • **Running n8n via (Docker, npm, n8n cloud, desktop app): npm
  • **Operating system: mac os

Hey @chris-deng

Is the workflow active? are you in the Test mode?

You won’t see the process in the editor window if the workflow is active. Instead, you have to check the Executions tab in the editor window.

But if you’re in the test mode. It might be because of your browser. Try refreshing it and see is there any errors in the browser console.

Thank you for your reply.

Why can’t you see the canvas node during execution, and you can’t achieve the goal of viewing the running progress in real time.

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I’m not sure why. I have been using N8N since 2020 and don’t remember seeing it live. May be cost of rendering it live is too much? Maybe? This is something the n8n team can answer correctly.

cc: @Jon @netroy

non-manual executions don’t have access to the Websocket/SSE connection, which means the execution engine can’t push updates to the frontend.
To be able to push execution updates is also the main reason why manual executions don’t run on workers in queue-mode.
We hope to address this some day, but we unfortunately also have quite a big list of tasks to address first :frowning_face:.

Also, please do not summon us like this. We’ll engage in the thread as soon as we can. The only time summoning people like this is acceptable is if:

  1. They are the only ones who can help, and
  2. The issue is time critical

If those conditions are not true, please wait until one of gets to the thread on our own :pray:

Okay. Got it

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Thank you for your reply.

Additionally, there are some execution processes, when clicking on execute on the process definition page, if the execution takes a long time, such as when there is a wait (webhook call) node in the middle, the execution page canvas will stay at wait.

Even if the final process is successful, the canvas will not be updated unless the page is manually refreshed.

It looks like a bug :pensive:

Does anyone know how to manually trigger canvas update? Except the method of refreshing the page

@chris-deng instead of adding new questions to an existing topic that are only tangentially related, please open a new topic. This makes it easier for everyone to notice your topic + will help our support team with the organization of their work too.

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There is no mechanism to let a user trigger a canvas update.

Manual executions update the canvas via a websocket connection, and since live executions do not have access to websockets (as pointed out earlier), unless someone rewrites the execution engine, there is no way to get executions updates from the execution engine into the frontend.