Why do file reads have a size limitation but not API responses like those from Stripe node etc..?

When I use Stripe node and the likes n8n does not crash despite huge response returned by these nodes. But reading local files has a string size limitation? Is there a way to load local file content into n8n bypassing this string size limitation. Can we perhaps serve the files as http responses like Stripe does instead?

Not sure I understand. What string size limitation are you referring to?

@jan I am able to read a local csv file of size ~100 MB (contains 104000 records * 7 columns ). However if I add a Spread Sheet File read the app crashes.

@jan I just figured the app crashes because chrome has a 1` GB default memory limit. However running the same workflow via cli does the job (I get the desired output) but produces the following error in console?:

Execution error:

Invalid string length
RangeError: Invalid string length.

Also file of size > 300 MB fails the workflow with error:
Cannot create a string longer than 0x1fffffe8 characters