Why do I need a new account for LangChain access?

I’d like to start incorporating LangChain into some workflows but I have to sign up to a separate account to do so, where none of my workflows reside.

Why do we need to create a new account for this? Do we then have to pay monthly for two separate accounts, or does the original account eventually become obsolete?


Welcome to the community @James_Pardo!

Yes very sorry about that! That has technical reasons and got done to be able to make those features available asap on cloud for people to test. The second account will for sure become obsolete once the required changes made it into the stable version of n8n.

Ah okay, good to know this is just temporary. Thanks for letting me know!

Any update or timeline? Have a couple of AI projects where I would like to utilize Langchain for

No sadly not. But you can also contact our support team to switch your account over to the LangChain beta.

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