Why do I need reauthorize youtube creds?

I have made YT creds time ago and after sometime I had to reconnect those. Today I saw that my workflow failed and after investigation I got to know that reconnect creds fix the problem.

How can I prevent this, or maybe it’s not normal?

This is how it was looking:

Hey @Shirobachi!

Can you make sure that the credentials you have setup doesn’t have any kind of time out. @RicardoE105, is this a known issue?

Where should I looking for timeout ?

I was looking for that in google console with no luck

Yes, I just checked and couldn’t find it. I am not sure about the expiration. I am looking at their docs to see if there’s any information.

However, if you’re using the YouTube node, the refresh token is handled by the node, and you shouldn’t get the error.

I understand, maybe after this reconnect it will work properly.