Why does the trigger repeat itself even without any new updates?

Why does the trigger repeat itself even without any new updates?
Makes redundant data in my system.
I might be setting something wrong, any advice?

Hi @Panupol_Sonnuam, is the workflow executed every single minute? Or only occasionally? If it’s the latter, do the updated values of the affected events change between each production execution of your workflow?

not working every minute It will only work when there is an update.
But I have a problem. Google calendar is not updating data. but the system repeats itself

True information, I have no problem Because it’s updated, it’s no different from the old one…
But False data creates a new Even, causing duplicate data.

I don’t know why the system is running by itself. with no updates
All running data is data that has been run before.

Hi @Panupol_Sonnuam, if you compare two production executions of your workflow, does the timestamp in the updated field of your event change?

I understand what you want to say
Thanks, I’ll try to find a way.

I’ve tried differentiating between Create and Update.
Sometimes Create might not work, causing the later update time to fail. So I have to use Create and update in the same workflow to check if Even is found, if not create a new one.

What I am trying to understand is whether the updated field of your event has changed.

This field is coming from Google and is used by the trigger node to identify updates. If it has changed the problem would be outside of n8n, if it hasn’t changed there might be a problem with the trigger node that needs a closer look.

Does this help me?

Hi @Panupol_Sonnuam, I don’t see how this option would help. So in a first step we might want to understand why the trigger node runs when you don’t want it to run. That’s why I am asking about the updated field. Does the timestamp in there change?