Why n8n does not have "Wrike" node?!

The idea is:

As I experienced, the Wrike application is one the most useful task and event management software in the world, but I could not find it in the n8n nodes list.
I have tried to make it using custom HTTP requests, and almost working with some bugs! But I think it can be a perfect Node in n8n, in the near future.

My use case:

Could you please add the Wrike node in n8n?

I think it would be beneficial to add this because:

Integration between Google calendar and Slack, and Also Wrike is most useful Node can be inside n8n platform.

Any resources to support this?

Are you willing to work on this?


Love the enthusiasm! Remember to vote.

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Iā€™m curious @Saeid_Khoorani - would a Trigger or Regular wrike node be more valuable for you? Of course, both would be invariably useful but just wondering in terms of prioritization, if you had to choose one over the other.

It depends, what we need in our department or company!
ERP or Task, Event, and request management in Wrike scale could be one of the highest priorities, almost in high tech companies.
Also, There is a lot of predefined nodes, in the Wrike ownselfs developers console, but in my opinion, n8n can be more handy and customizable if just the issue in n8n is about Wrike, and n8n goes to handle and progress it.