Why this IF node is failing conditions?

Hi there!
maybe I’m simply wrong in what I’m doing, but I really don’t know why this node is failing.
As you can see I have the input run number 8 bringing 3372 items, and I’m absolutely sure that my value2 is present in only ONE of those 3372 items, so why my conditions are not correctly matched?
I already tried to use Exact and RegEx as operator but it doesn’t change the result.
The only item in false branch is correctly false, but there should be other 3370 items in false and only one in true… Help me please :slight_smile:

Is the probably may be that you have “Combine” set to “ANY” instead of “ALL”?

Hey Jan, thanks for the feedback, but I’m already using combine ANY because I want the conditions to be in OR

Yes but if you say ANY it will go into true as soon as any does match. So it is not surprising if more than one ends up in the true branch or not?

ANY is exactly what I want, yes. But in my screenshot you can see that none of the 3 conditions are true, nevertheless the item shown is in true branch.
I tried also convert all the string conditions in boolean conditions, same result :frowning:

Then please create and share a workflow which shows that problem,
we will then have a look.

I might have resolved, the issue was how I was taking the value2 to compare, somehow, taking it from the split in batches node it was creating confusion to the IF node.
For performance reasons I had to split the workflow in two part, so now the IF node is taking the value2 from another node, but at the end, the thing that have changed the behavior, was to stick the $item(0).node… to the value2

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