Why won't Shopify connect with Slack?

I want n8n to send a message into a Slack channel when a new customer is created in my Shopify.

I’ve followed all the steps in the n8n documentation but I’ve tried creating new customers and it’s not sending anything to slack.

I’m new to automation tools, any help greatly appreciated!

Hey @Isabel_Edwards,

Assuming you are using the Shopify Trigger Node, Have you saved your workflow and toggled the Active status on the top right?

If you have when you go to the Executions page does it show anything for the workflow?

Hi @jon

Yes I’ve saved the workflow and toggled the active status. I’ve attached screenshots of how I’ve set it up and the executions, hope this shows maybe where I’ve gone wrong!


Hey @Isabel_Edwards,

It looks like your workflow is running into an error. Was the workflow running successfully when you created it?

While building workflows that involve trigger nodes (in your case the Shopify Trigger node), you can click on the Execute Workflow button, add a new customer on Shopify, and see the data in the workflow. Once your workflow is ready, you can then change the state of the workflow to Active (by using the switch on the top-right).
Now when your workflow is in the active mode you will not see the incoming data, however, you can check the data from the execution list.

In the screenshot that you shared, after each execution, there’s a Folder icon. If you click on it, you will be able to see the data that got passed and the error message as well.

I hope this explanation helps!

Hi @harshil1712

I assumed it was running successfully as there were no error messages.

I did try clicking Execute Workflow and adding a new customer but I didn’t get a message through to Slack.

Although I’ve just clicked on the folders like you said and I can see the data from Shopify has come through.

I looked into the error and it said Slack channel name not found (the channel name is cartzo and I wrote it as Cartzo - might be case sensitive) So I have now updated the channel name but there is a new error which can be seen in the screenshot.

Thanks for your help - not sure what the error means?

Can you add your Slack bot into the channel you are posting into.

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Hey @Isabel_Edwards,

As the error message says, the bot is not in the channel. You will have to add the bot to that channel, and that should then solve the issue :slight_smile:

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@harshil1712 Ahh ok I see, how do I add a bot to a Slack Channel?


Screenshot 2021-10-20 at 16.10.55|546x500

@Isabel_Edwards when you made your app in Slack it would have added a bot to your instance as well, If you go to the channel and put in /invite then then name of your slack app / bot it should do the job for you.

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@jon is this what you mean? I called the slack bot ‘n8n.io’, I’ve tried entering that into the invite field in Slack (with and without @ and .) and nothing is coming up - sorry if I’m being a bit slow with this but it’s all new to me!

Ah if you are taking that route do Add > Integrations > Apps then you should be able to select n8n.io.


@jon Woooooo it’s working!! Thanks so much!! :slight_smile: