Widgets: User input node

It would help if there was a node for: Quick User Input

New types of nodes which behave like widgets - can be a great addition for Parameterized workflows. Currently this is done via set node; but it’s very cumbersome.

My use case:

  • I have 5 replicas of a service in different aws regions; which can be selected to get some on-demand performance & debug information for the last 24h / 12h / 6h based on input values.
  • I would like a workflow where I can easily select region name from a dropdown & execute the flow.
  • With set node - Its really painful to click on set node, delete region-name string-value & type in a new value.

Any resources to support this?

To make it more clear, here are more examples to clarify the direction in which this is going:

  • Example: Number widget: Select Number b/w 1-N with +/- buttons. Display the input number on the node.
  • Example: Boolean widget: Double click on the node to toggle its color and value from True <-> False.
  • Similar feature in other application: Widgets in notebook interfaces like deepnote: textinput, dateinput, slider etc.
  • Example: workflow: Select start & end dates & get a report generated & emailed.
  • Example: workflow: Select environment: dev | staging | production - and deploy/rollback code.

Are you willing to work on this?

Yes - but would need guidance.

Hey @dsculptor,

Don’t forget hit the vote button to make it count, Have you thought about using something like Typeform with a webhook?

You could write a workflow that is triggered by a form submission or just a webhook trigger and have the users fill out that form to kick off the workflow and get the results.

In theory you could them implement it into any existing tools you have or use like Slack, Teams, Mattermost, An internal webpage all sorts really.

Thanks a lot @jon for the webhook suggestion. Yes indeed it can be easier than the set node and becomes an API trigged via slack message. It would require us to maintain a slack bot with a given interface; which is… doable.

I still feel that n8n workflows can benefit by introducing some more control knobs to workflows from within n8n workflow itself. hope the community finds a need for it too!

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You are not wrong a way to easily set things would be handy, There is an existing request somewhere to make it better but you might be interested in this: We're improving the Set node and need your suggestions 😊

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