Will 2 endpoints in a row count for 1 or 2 workflow execution?


I have to design a case where I use n8n and an endpoint between my internal system and an external one.

The functional flow is in 2 steps:

1st step: the external system asks if it connects to the right system.
2nd step: if OK, the external system posts a transaction.

The external system has its own flow and wants to keep it in 2 distinct calls on his side.

I understand that in the current way n8n is working, this case will count me as 2 workflow executions: is this correct?

If it’s indeed the case, is there a way to factorize to have this use-case count as 1 single workflow execution, but keep 2 distinct calls on the external provider side. (It’s always call 1, then call 2, maximum 30 seconds after call 1)

Thank you for your help

Hey @Yoann,

The quick version is 1 run of the workflow is 1 execution, So if you were calling Webhook1 then Webhook that is 2 executions as the workflow is being triggered twice.

I assume as you are worried about executions you are currently running on n8n cloud? I don’t think we would change the way an execution is tracked for this either as I can think of a few ways it could be exploited to “game” the system.

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