With n8n in Azure Market Place is it possible to use VNET peering or PrivateLink between the n8n service and our own Azure VNET

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We want to use n8n cloud with our Kafka service which is deployed in one of our Azure AKS clusters. The broker endpoints are exposed via a private Azure load balancer and are therefore available on the Azure network within the relevant VNET. In order for the n8n service to communicate with out Kafka service our VNET would need to either be peered with the N8n VNET or a PrivateLink would need to be set up between the two services. Is this a pattern you support (or similar) ?

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Hi @bobclarke, welcome to the community!

n8n cloud (the app listed here) does not support adding your instance to any kind of private network I am afraid. You’d have to host n8n yourself for this I am afraid,

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