Woo trigger order created

woo trigger doesn’t fire.
workflow is woo-trigger-order created
credential is ok with a woo-get X, return result
wootrigger listening
I order something
wootrigger still listening
slack ( no n8n) fire
if n8n-woo-get order, I get it
!! the "waiting for Trigger event " is still runnig, even if clic on stop, even if deactivate, even if disablling !!!
tried with another credential ( even if cred1 is ok with wooNontrigger )

“nodes”: [
“parameters”: {
“event”: “order.created”
“name”: “WooCommerce Trigger”,
“type”: “n8n-nodes-base.wooCommerceTrigger”,
“typeVersion”: 1,
“position”: [
“webhookId”: “e5b73509-fe0e-4888-90f9-949dc183d562”,
“credentials”: {
“wooCommerceApi”: {
“id”: “14”,
“name”: “WooCommerce account 2”
“connections”: {}

Hey @Joel_T,

Welcome to the community :raised_hands:

Does WooCommerce show the correct webhook url being registered?

hi thanks jon for replying. Actually, if I close n8n, then reopen it, it’s working… sometimes, with 2 minutes delay. Great ! but I saved it and opened another workflow, and the first one ( active) do not work anymore ( and the "if"module after woo is wiped out clean). so, the webhook seems ok.

When you say wiped out what do you mean? Like the connection has gone?

no, the conditions

That is a new one, as a quick test if you save it then load another workflow and go back are they still set?

this is when I save, load another one then come back that they disepeared. I create another workflow, copied all the modules ( woo, if, …) and paste… and if they are both actvated, it’s running. if one is deactivated, the other one doesn’t run !!!