Woocommerce Integration [CREATED]

Integrate Woocommerce to automate processes

Could you please explain what functionality you would need exactly. That when it gets created we can be sure it can do the things you all need. Thanks!

Attached you find a integration list from integromat which I have used in the past, it is very handy. I think most important is: (Get, List, Create, Update) Orders and second most important is Products.
Other features like Triggers for the above, Users, Coupons and stuff can be added later.

@svenjanssen just finished the trigger will do the create coupon and create customer when I have time. @jan will let you know when is released.


This will be very useful. We are specifically looking to get alerts when new orders come and move those to Google sheets.

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@WeManageWebsite Glad that you find it useful. Let us know if you need any.

@RicardoE105 great work, I’m excited to test it. Please send me your npm package name

@svenjanssen I do not have one. Why?

Thanks a lot @RicardoE105!
Got released with [email protected]

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This way you can release and maintain (and test for that matter…) by yourself

Create your own n8n-node-module like described here:

But Jan is quick as usual to release the stuff :slight_smile: Let’s check it out

@RicardoE105 I just see the trigger, thank’s a bunch. Just to make sure we are talking of the same:

(Get, List, Create, Update) Orders and (Get, List, Create, Update) Products

are the most important by far. Coupons, customers,… are secondary.

@svenjanssen yeah just created the trigger. Will do the node soon.

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Very interested by this feature. When will it be included in a future version of n8n?

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Hey @sam76,

Welcome to the community. This is next in my list. I will keep you posted.


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Thank you @RicardoE105. I just discovered n8n last week. Fantastic software to automate stuff on my shop !

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@sam76 @svenjanssen just finished the Product resource. @jan will let you know when is released. Will add the Order resource soon.


Wrongly posted to SuiteCRM, oops. In case you need any more inspiration, here comes the text:

@RicardoE105 thanks for asking.
Usecase 1:
I have a WooCommerce shop and a separate accounting solution. Whenever someone buys in the shop, it gets imported by the accounting solution, triggering a webhook. Using the reference ID I get the order information from WooCommerce (WooCommerce get order), make some calculations depending on delivery date and some other stuff (nodemation workflow), update the order accordingly (WooCommerce update order) and send the data to my accounting solution. At the end of the day I want a list of all due deliveries (WooCommerce list orders).
Usecase 2:
I have a userdata update form on a website. I want to feed the information to both WooCommerce (WooCommerce customer get/update) and to the accounting solution using a nodemation workflow.

Usecase 1 is more important. Cheers to you

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Got released with [email protected]

@svenjanssen @sam76 order resource was created. Jan will let you know when is released.

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Got released with [email protected]