Woocommerce Node for retrieve product do not work

Hi, today i’m trying to use WooCommerce Node for retrieve a product with API.
The strange thing is that with a Node to retrieve an Order the connection work and find me the orders, but if i use the Product ID for retrieve a specific Product it return a 404 “rest_no_route” (Image attached) So why? i do not understand what’s the issue.

Hey @Giorgio,

That looks like Wordpress is returning an error message about the route although I am not sure what the message translate to I suspect it is something like “no route was found matching the url and request method”

What version of n8n are you currently using and do you have any security plugins installed in Wordpress that might be impacting API routes?

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Hi Jon thank you, i have solved. Problem was that i had connected two nodes before one for triggering the order and one for retrieve, the last was “the triggering” one, and this do not retrieve nothing and the url composed with “the expression” came back with “undefined” and then an error. So when i have setted to retrieve ID from the “normal” it worked. Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

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