Woocommerce "order.created" isn't working

Hi! any idea why my Woocommerce Trigger doesn’t work? It would just wait for a webhook call and then suddenly stop. Even though I’ve set it up with my woocommerce store and tried doing test orders it won’t receive anything. I copied the webhook url(production) from the node and paste it on my woocommerce webhook settings. although I’m not sure with what Secret key i need to put on the woocommerce settings thats why i just input the consumer secret i am currently using from my woocom credentials.

In addition, woocommerce webhooks log says that " A valid URL was not provided". I did input the display URL (test) from the Woocommerce trigger Node

In general do you have n8n set up under a domain or is it running under an IP? Because most services do not allow IP addresses and only work with domains which use SSL.

Apart from that do you not have to copy the webhook URLs manually. n8n will add it by itself.

i mean pasted the Display URL on the Woocommerce Settings

and regarding the URL, we are using a domain, but maybe you are right. maybe our URL has security issues that needs to be fixed