WordPress Integration [PARTLY CREATED]

New post
New User
Updated Post

Create new User
Delete User

+1 for me too. But also add the following feature to the OP’s list.

Update User
New Custom Field/Taxonomy/Metadata
Update Custom Field/Taxonomy/Metadata

Update User
Create Custom Field/Taxonomy/Metadata
Update Custom Field/Taxonomy/Metadata
Delete Custom Field/Taxonomy/Metadata

  • Create new post, edit post, delete post

Just released [email protected] which includes the Wordpress-Integration which @RicardoE105 created. Thanks a lot! It already implements the most of the requested functionality.

Be aware that for it to function you have to install this plugin:


I tried this workflow and it worked but it sends the new posts in the draft folder by default. Is there a way to override this and publish posts directly from this workflow without them landing in the drafts folder first ?

Nvm I found this setting in the additional fields section.

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Hello its possible to update custom field ?

@delcros_w there is not support for custom fields, also was looking into it and it seems you need to add some configuration (code) within your wordpress instance to make work. It does not work out of the box.