[Wordpress Node] Add User-Agent to the node

I use a WAF to protect my WordPress site and it is continually blocking the WordPress POST node due to

POST received with blank user-agent and referer

I feel this would be a simple thing to add into the nodes and stop tripping the WAF alerts all the time.

Would you want to set the user-agent and referrer or would a static user agent like n8n-workflow and a referrer of the URL added into the credentials do the job for you?

for me, anything would be fine, but maybe others may want the option to name their own?

So maybe by default
User-Agent: n8n-automation-platform (or whatever)

and then people can override it if they choose the setting from the optional area etc?

Got added. It sets now sends the User-Agent ā€œn8nā€ as it for example already does for the GitHub node. Will be released with the next version.


nice thanks guys

Got released with 0.135.0