Wordpress node has error with "categories" option

Categories options can not load every in long list, and when I try to select one, I can’t

  1. Can’t load long list categories
  2. Can’t select
  3. When edit categories, it does not update immediately (you know, user use so many cache system, includes cloudflare)

You should let me insert slug or ID of category, in-stead of loading dynamic data
Anyway, nodes need exactly parameters than dynamic

Not sure if I understand the problem but you can anytime set the value also manually by changing the parameter to an expression.

I try to set, but it always return blank in categories field
Anyway, it make me confused. I don’t know I should use ID or slug or name of categories?

It seems to be the category ID.

So if it is for example 1234 you would set the expression also just to 1234 not to {{1234}} then the result of the expression should also be correctly displayed as 1234.

When I test to insert “1234”, it is still have “red error” notification, and not show “1234”

And, could I use parameters from other node?

Yes, the error will stay but the node will work fine and the value displayed correctly.

Are you on the latest n8n version? Because I just tried and it works perfectly fine for me.

@cmdntd987 I answered you Github issue as well. https://github.com/n8n-io/n8n/issues/998#issuecomment-700674493

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Ah great! Yes totally overlooked that it has to be an array.

Yes, I saw this
Thank you so much. I will try…