Workflow Analytics


I have installed N8N using npm on my local computer.

I am trying to perform some analytics on N8N workflow. How can i check how many times a Node or a Workflow got executed (success/ failure)?

Is there a way to get that information ?

I haven’t used any export option , meaning, i haven’t specified any database at the time of installation. Its just plain installation using npm.

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Hey @Sathya_Narayanan, n8n would export only a limited amount of metrics aimed at consumption through Prometheus (this is documented here).

Currently, the “official” way of looking at previous executions would be the executions list in the UI which isn’t exactly great for deeper analytics.

So a suitable approach here could be to use the undocumented UI API to programmatically (for example GET http://localhost:5678/rest/executions?filter=%7B%7D&limit=10, simply take a look at the network requests your browser makes when using the executions list if you’re unsure about the exact request) and then process the JSON data recevied.

Alternatively, you can query the database directly. Since you haven’t specified a database, n8n would have created a SQLite database which is stored in the database.sqlite file inside your n8n data directory (~/.n8n) by default. The table should be pretty self-explanatory (finished = 1 means the execution finished without an error):

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Just to add what @MutedJam has already said, There is an example here: Consolidated Report of Executions - #6 by pemontto that shows how to create a markdown table by using the undocumented internal api which you may find useful.


Hey MutedJam, is it possible to access this data externally? for example from a BI platform.