Workflow and credential restore successful but not showing at n8n

I am migrating all my workflow and credential by using export and import using cli.
it shows that my import is successful ( as shown below )

however , when i check the workflow, it is not showing anything.

I have reboot my instance , but it is still not showing anything

may i know if there is anything else i need to do?

What database are you using?

i never set any database in docker-compose. so i guess i am using default setting.

Out of interest did you remember to create a volume for the /home/node/.n8n folder? I am just wondering if the data is being wiped and the image is being recreated.

Correct, in this case you would use the default which is SQLite.

I would assume the same as @jon or that you restore the data in a docker container that has a different folder, or no folder mounted. Meaning those credentials and workflows get restored in a totally different database than the one you are accessing.

I have reimported all my workflow from json files manually ( one after another ) and now is working well.

by the way, may i know how do i check which database file am i using now?