Workflow as node with input and output

I make some integrations by my hands - JS snippet, SET Node, HTTP Request node and etc.

I would like to have possibility of creating nodes as collection of another nodes with preconfigured logic.

For example - I have third-party service CRM with API. n8n doesn’t have integration for it and I have to make it by myself. So I copypasting js snipped of sign data for api, create auth header, making http request, convert response data from workflow to workflow.

I would like to create SuperNode, which is configuring like worflow and can be used as node with some inputs.

Yes, I know that I can use another workflow as Node, but I can’t control input data. And I think “SuperNode” is not a workflow - it’s repeatable actions for making some integration with services, which are not connected in you integrations library

Welcome to the community @amorev!

Thanks a lot for this request! Something like that is planned. It got mentioned a few times already in the forum like here:
Custom Template Nodes

But there was no formal feature request yet. Great that there is now one which people can upvote and discuss. Thanks!