Workflow constants/parameters


I think it would be useful to be able to set some constants/parameters on the workflow.

Example 1: credentials
When working with Airtable nodes, they all use the same credentials. So, I could set on the workflow that all Airtable nodes use the same set of credentials. This could be then overwritten on the node level, e.g. one particular node specifies a different set of credentials.

Example 2: parameter
When working with Airtable, I must specify the id of the Airtable Base to interact with. In many cases the base is the same across all nodes. Currently this can be solved by either: using expressions to reference the base id from one node, or using a Set node which is not connected to the flow.

Thank you for your consideration!

I was thinking the same thing this morning when working on a new workflow. It would be nice to have something in the UI for a workflow where I can set a variable and if needed update it later.

I did notice there was getWorkflowStaticData but it seems to have some limitations. Moving that sort of functionality to a “workflow settings” prompt would be handy and for bonus points hook it into the new user features so I can set which users can update and delete workflow level variables.

Thanks for the idea @theneilkirk this sounds like a neat feature :bulb:

You mention that “all Airtable nodes use the same credential” - I wonder if it might be a bit more flexible to define these cred/ param variables at the wf level and then have an easy way to reference them within node parameters. This way, a large number of Airtable nodes could share a “linked” cred but wouldn’t be a hard rule for every Airtable node in the flow.

Do you see any downside to this approach?

@jon user management will have access roles for individual workflows. At first, there will be a handful of set roles (similar to Google Docs sharing) - we are however architecting the backend in a way to allow more flexibility further down our roadmap.


That exactly what I was trying to describe @maxT. Being able to pick a default set of credentials for each node (that expects them) in the “workflow settings” or whatever, like @jon said. Each node could then have a different set of credentials set on the node level :star_struck:

And a similar thing for arbitrary key-value pairs. Like I could set a “workflow parameter” to:
"airtableBaseId":"[AIRTABLE BASE ID]" and then I can reference that as an expression in the Airtable Nodes where base id is expected. As @jon mentioned again, I think you could do this with getWorkflowStaticData but it would require you to use a Function node simply to set them at the start of the workflow. Having the ability to set them on the workflow level would be neat.