Workflow doesn't stop executing

what do I do when the workflow doesn’t stop running even when I press stop

Hi @Ruan17 - can you share a bit more information that we ask for in the template when you’re creating a new thread? Information such as which version of n8n, if you’re self-hosting or on cloud, and information about your workflow would be helpful.

I am using self-hosted version and on version 0.226.1

Hi @Ruan17 - thanks for that information, though I’d still need some more information about your workflow to know what’s going on.

One thing I could think of - are you by chance using any sort of polling-based trigger (basically an event that periodically makes a call to your service to look for new data)? If so, there’s a chance you’ve encountered an error where the polling action is failing.

The execution then ends up in a status “new” (rather than running or failed) in the database, but the UI has no knowledge of this status and will show it as running forever. This particular issue was addressed in this PR, but there’s no release scheduled yet as it hasn’t been merged.

Could you provide steps to reproduce, and preferably the workflow itself?

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I think that in this case, it was looped in the request, it’s a company’s api, so there’s no way to share the flow

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